The right Car For the Right Rider

Choosing a car is a very important task; both experienced and novice drivers know about it, because no one wants to throw a decent amount of money down the drain, for one reason not knowing how to choose a car correctly. Sooner or later, everyone starts to dream of a new car. For some, this desire disappears over time, while for others, on the contrary, it intensifies. Most often, the desire to buy a new car arises from those motorists who have been plowing the expanses of our country in old cars from the domestic auto industry for many years.

The Saying for You

One clever man said, “Whatever a car is, it must be new.” And partly he is right. One can cite many examples when one motorist buys a new domestic car, and the other a used foreign car. The first owner for three years, except for the service of the car, no longer does any work, the second at least every month of operation drives his used foreign car to a car-care center. And, although, it can be assumed that at the price these cars cost their owners equally as a result, a used foreign car came out more expensive. For that you will have to know a lot about luxury cars.


Consider how to choose a car correctly. Of course, buying a new car , especially a good foreign car , will depend on your budget, but still try not to buy used cars, except when you buy a car that you know well (from a neighbor, friend, relative).

You have seen how this car was exploited, how it was followed, how it was serviced and you know for sure that you will not be deceived. When there is a great desire to buy a car, and you already present yourself in a new foreign car, with all the useful and unnecessary bells and whistles, then it is very difficult to stay in this situation, especially if you already have the necessary amount of money.

Purchase Term

When choosing a car for yourself, you must understand for how long you are buying it, for a year, two, or more. The catch here lies in the fact that buying a new car, and leaving the dealership, the price of it will immediately fall by 1-2 percent. And so that you do not change anything, these are the rules of the market. And with each day of operation, its price will only fall. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a new car in the cabin for at least 3 years, or for the warranty period, which is valid for this car. The price of a car that is under warranty during the operation period will drop slightly in three years, only by 20–25%, and during resale you will not lose much in money.

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